Tarot and Divination

Understanding Bad Situations – Snake Tarot Spread

I really vibed with Boise, ID. There was something about the air, something about the feel of my feet as they crunched against the sidewalk in the early mornings, something about the smell of the rain. There was vibrancy on every street corner. Coming from North-Eastern Nevada, I wasn't used to seeing so many colors.… Continue reading Understanding Bad Situations – Snake Tarot Spread

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Re-Connecting With Spiritual Practices

I cleansed my cards for the first time in months. Okay, so I've been a bad witch. There are a lot of things that I've been neglecting, and I'm learning how to be okay with that. I constantly have to remind myself that I'm not required to meet every deadline I set. I'm allowed to… Continue reading Re-Connecting With Spiritual Practices

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Transtitions: A New State of Being

Transitions. A lot of my life has been spent learning things the hard way. When I was five years old, I learned that sugar melts and that put under enough heat, glass plates will break. I have the scars on my feet to remind me of that. When I was six I figured out that… Continue reading Transtitions: A New State of Being

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On Soul Journaling

"Freedom of expression is the key to energetic flow..." Three years ago I found a free webinar by the self-made millionaire Denise Duffield-Thomas. I absolutely ate it up. Using what was shared in the video series, I was able to manifest: a new job, support from a new community, and a relationship, all in the… Continue reading On Soul Journaling

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Seeing Myself Beyond Someone Else

"Something has got to change." I remember repeating this phrase to myself about a million times during my Road Trip From Hell - (detailed post coming soon.) It didn't take long for it become something of a magic spell, the whispered words beckoning transition into my life.